Day Training-Half day




Must reserve at least 24 hours in advance.

Day training packages include a 15 minute lesson at pick up

This is a structured day care experience combining calmness and a planned day of structured play while matching your dog to one or two dogs with similar play style, temperament and energy level. We can work on anything you need help with such as pulling on leash, learning basic obedience, working on leash aggression, etc… Instead of being over aroused for hours on end, this type of daycare/training combination is meant to help produce a calm, balanced and happy dog. Your dog will come home tired from using his brain instead of running wild all day. This package is a good alternate if the board and train program is not an option. Anything over 4 hours is considered full day. Pick up and drop off are available with a $3.00 fee each way.

:Half Day Pricing- Anything under 4 hours

1 Day pass- $70.00

5 Day pass- $50 a day for total of $250.00

10 Day pass-$45 a day for total of $450.00

20 day pass- $40 a day for total of $800.00

Package pricing includes a 15 minute lesson each day at drop off or pick up

Work on 2 things a day adding generalization and proofing to each command

Socialization with dogs of the same size, energy, or play style

30 minute group or individual walk- No walk on extremely hot or rainy da80.00ys

Socialization training- either in group play or a field trip

Training, structure, walk, play, and rest in a safe and fulfilling environment