Helping desperate pet owners create life lasting changes in their dogs is our mission. Once owners are shown how to become leaders to their dogs, many clients have drastically improved their relationships with their pets.  We work with both dog and owner to help establish rules and boundaries to create a happy, obedient, and balanced dog.


julie brady dog trainer orange countyI’m Julie and I am the owner/trainer of Pawsitive Foundation Dog Training. I started my  training business after owning and managing a family embroidery business in Huntington Beach for over 20 years. I took a corporate job after selling my embroidery business and it quickly became clear that this job was not my path in life.

I decided to go for it and start working in an industry I had been dreaming about working in my entire life. I had been pet sitting and dog walking for friends and family for years so I decided to open my own dog walking and pet sitting business which I did for over 4 years. I had some extra time on my hands so I decided to volunteer for a local German Shepherd rescue walking dogs. Within just a couple months I was apprenticing at that kennel to become a dog trainer. I gave up my personal life for a year and worked hard, learning everything I could about dog training and working in the kennel. I soon started teaching puppy kindergarten classes for a local company and loved every second of it! I worked at a few training centers and doggy day cares, learning new methods as I went along.

Through my work with a couple German Shepherd rescues in my area, I witnessed dogs that had been adopted constantly being returned, sometimes for the strangest and simplest reasons. I had absolutely no idea that so many adopted dogs were returned to the rescue organizations and shelters that they had come from. Every time they were returned it was for behavioral problems but in reality, these dogs were not given the structure and leadership dogs so desperately need to learn to live in a world that makes no sense to them. If they had been given the direction and leadership they needed, many of these dogs would have settled in quite nicely to their new homes. This is the reason I became a dog trainer. I want to help reduce the number of dogs that are re-homed, taken to shelters or euthanized for behavioral problems. Dogs are more than my job, they are my passion!

Teaching humans how to lead their dogs to a much more calm and happy place is priceless to me. I love seeing that moment when dog and owner get each other for the first time and watch the beginning of a bond that was not there before. As humans, we tend to think of what we want from our dogs and we don’t consider what it is that they need in order to feel calm, confident and happy. I am more than happy to be your translator. I love teaching both dog and human how to communicate more effectively and how to work together.

My methods have changed over the years from learning punishment and force based training methods to completely positive methods with no corrections and settled somewhere in the middle. I have had the most success with a balanced approach using positive reinforcement and gentle corrections together to help guide dogs to make better decisions. I use a common sense approach to help dogs to succeed.

Client Reviews

Julie is the best! She walks my dog every day and is very in tune with his needs. He's getting old, and she is always conscientious of his age and limits on their walks. She also keeps him at her house when we go on trips. She's very reliable and trustworthy and I highly recommend her. My dog loves her!
Barbi P
We have a 1 year old, very rambunctious lab and needed help controlling her especially around guests. In only 4 sessions Julie was able to teach her to stay calmly on her place and is much more manageable. Julie also gave us tools for when guests come to the house and for walking on leash. This is our 5th Lab and up until now have never had one who did not pull ....Halleluia..... We really appreciate Julies calm, positive approach as well as how easy she is to reach and work with. Julie will definitely be our first call as issues arise.
Julie S
Julie is a loving but firm and effective trainer. She knows what she is doing!! Our Golden doodle who is now almost a year old has responded well to Julie's training . I would recommend her highly!!
Marilee S
I wanted to post a short mention about the handling and treatment of dogs and the complete training of my dog. I honestly knew nothing about the training process because it's been years since I had a puppy. I looked on the internet and found Pawsitive and gave them a call. I was contacted within a day by Julie. She came over the next day and took over. It was amazing at the beginning I just watched and listened. This out of control dog I had, I didn't think could be trained to be such a perfect animal. He jumped on everyone and everything and he tore apart anything he could get his little mouth around. He went to the bathroom everywhere in the house, even after being outside for an hour, he would comeback and pee inside. This young lady worked magic on my dog and I thought it was going to cost more than the dog. She took the puppy to her place of work and brought him back. She carefully reviewed with me everything I should do so he didn't forget his new found wisdom. And in no time my 4 month old English Cream Golden Retriever could have placed first in a dog show. I'm not kidding. I hardly did a thing and this dog wasn't even close to having any kind of training in the past. People who come to the house would comment on the dogs great behavior. These folks worked magic. My only contact was Julie but whatever she did it was without peer. There must be some new system because I've been through years ago. I can honestly say that Auggie seems like a new animal and has the behavior of a perfect show dog. I would recommend these folks to anyone needing help getting their dog to listen, and act like an adult dog that's been around the block for years and I'm so proud and lucky to have found such great people to help me with Auggie. I'd be happy to chat with anyone who has any questions about the great service I received. Thank you Julie. Russ
Russ W
We left our 8 year old Bulldog Shelby with Julie over Christmas and NY's as we went to the uk for 2 weeks and unfortunately couldn't take Shelby with us. Its always a big worry for us leaving Shelby behind but Julie"s calm and caring nature really came through as soon as we met her. Julie recommended a few test days before we went, which went well. Before we left she made sure she knew all of Shelby's little quirks and all the things she likes and needs. This made us confident we'd chosen the best option for Shelby. While we were away Shelby got a urine infection, Julie noticed it straight away and handle it amazingly!! Took Shelby to the vets and took care of her brilliantly. Would highly recommend Julie for any dog care needs!!
Dan S
Julie is very professional. Her training is kind but firm, very effective. My puppy has been going to see her weekly for several weeks, his behavior has improved so much. I highly recommend her.
Jodi G
Cooper is an 18 month old retriever mix puppy with a whole lot of energy. We gave Cooper to Julie for two weeks and he came home a calmer dog. He walks well on leash, he's better mannered in the house and he behaves better when we have the grand-kids over for swim days. Julie came to the house a couple of weeks after we picked up Cooper and taught our grand-children (ages 3, 5 and 8) how to deal with him when he decides that he's in charge of all the kids.
Steven T
I found Julie when my beloved dog trainer and caregiver moved. I was in a panic as I was going out of town for three weeks and needed to find a place I was comfortable with to leave my pup. After interviewing some dog sitters that I wasn't thrilled with, I came upon Julie. She suggested dropping off my 70 lb Newfoundland/Poodle to see if he would be a good fit. When I came back after three hours I could see they both fell in love with one another. I travel a lot and don't think twice about whether Jack is happy or not. I know he is getting all the love, attention and care with Julie. And I know he won't come back with any bad habits!
Laurie R
Julie is the absolute best!! After much research, we decided to go with her and she had exceeded our expectations. Our pup has learned so much in a very short amount of time and is a better dog because of her. I know choosing a trainer or dog sitter is a difficult and important decision to make, but rest assured with Julie. She is communicative, thoughtful, flexible and most important, treats your pup with the love and care he/she needs. Also, she is an incredible trainer. She goes above and beyond and you can be sure your dog is in great hands with her.
Maggie G
Julie was awesome and did a great job with our little River girl. She is a 2 year German Shepard mix who was very skittish and reactive with other dogs, horrible at walking on a lease, and things with wheels like bikers, skateboards, etc. After her completing the 3 week board and train she seriously has come home a different dog. Walking her has actually become enjoyable, her listening skills are great, and really took to the training. So much so that we are sending our other dog (who we thought was the good one lol) to complete a board and train as well. 100% would recommend!! She did a great job, was very up front in explanation, and had great communication! We are very happy with our results after completing her program.
Jordan C
Julie Brady has been great for my family and our Corgi, CoCo. We have had Coco with Julie through training and daycare weekly for almost a year. She is professional, a wonderful person and she loves, loves, loves her dogs I highly recommend Julie and Pawsitive Foundation.
Kathy I
Julie has been a phenomenal trainer and caregiver to Mikey, our Chocolate Lab. Having her training and guidance has helped us tremendously as we adapt to life with an energetic puppy! She loves dogs, and it shows. When Julie comes over, Mikey goes nuts because she treats him so well. If you're looking for training for your dog, my wife and I highly recommend Julie and Pawsitive Foundation Dog Training!
Galel F
Julie Brady exceeded our expectations in training our puppy Piper! From in-home training to day training and day care, her skills, talents and professionalism are unmatched. She understands dogs of all sizes and breeds, knows immediately what their needs are and provides the best solutions and suggestions with immediate results. Having Julie be a part of raising Piper to be the best dog he can be, and giving us the tools and tips to be the best parents we can be for Piper, was one of the best decisions we've made. A perfectly PAWSITIVE FOUNDATION to Piper's and our family's life.
Sandra K
I rescued a Lab/Border Collie pup 7 months ago and took Beau to work with me everyday. He had a great group of admirers and lots of social ineraction. Once Covid hit it was working from home and and I could see he was missing play time with others. Julie's 1/2 day(care) option sounded like a great way to start and Beau really loves having his playtime with the other pups. Julie does a great job introducing the dogs one by one to make sure everyone is safe and happy and I'm so glad we found her!
Sharon B.
For a second dog, I wanted a little senior dog who just wanted a place to sleep for their golden years. My boyfriend wanted an active young big dog. We compromised and got an active young big dog. With Julie and the two week board and train, our 1-year old cattledog, who was insanely hyper and mouthy and jumpy became literally a completely different dog. He is obedient, responsive and really attentive. He still gets excited over everything but always remembers his manners, and has just become the best dog on earth. Highly recommend Julie for dog training!
Vicky L
Julie is great! We bought a package of 4 training sessions and have had 2 so far and already family and friends can see a positive difference in our dogs! We have 2 Great Danes one that's 3 and one that's 1 year old and very hyperactive. We have a baby on the way and needed to start training the dogs to prepare them. Julie has been so great with working with us and the dogs ( yes sometimes the owners need training too). She was great sending us articles on new babies and dogs, very knowledgeable regarding psychological of dogs. We also were looking for a dog walker for 2 weeks that could work with our big dogs and she was able to get in contact with someone, She is experienced, professional and amazing with our dogs! Highly recommended for any dog training needs or questions you might have!
Sara W.
Julie is "pawsitively" amazing. I have an 11 month old American Bulldog who is going through a pretty good fear period and also has issues with leash reactivity around other dogs. I was at my wits end with the behavior and finally reached out to Julie (wish I had done it sooner). I met Julie at the Costa Mesa Bark Park and of course, my dog barked at her right away. Julie was calm, cool, and collected about it. She began speaking to me and when she felt Rylie was ready, she let Rylie approach her. There's just something about Julie that dogs like. Rylie went "full-wiggle" and had loved Julie ever since. That first day she gave me some ways to deescalate Rylie when she was being reactive. And gave me homework to work on. About a week later, Julie came to our apartment and sat with us and we came up with a more structured routine for Rylie. Julie took her for a walk and modeled for us wha we can do to make Rylie feel more secure. Rylie goes to Julie's one day a week (soon 2 days) for day training. It's AMAZING. She has my leash reactive dog walking in a pack walk after just 3 days! She send photos and videos of your dog to show you their progress. Julie is seriously the best and she makes me feel so positive about my dog's behavior and fixing it. It's only been about 4 weeks of working with Julie and my dog is already so much better. Her prices are so reasonable for what you receive! I feel very lucky to have found her. If your dog needs extra help, give Julie a call!
Michelle M.
When it comes to training and caring for dogs, Julie is second to none. I welcomed a new puppy named Sheldon in my life during April 2018 and I needed the best possible start for him. I turned to Julie for her daycare and training, hopefully giving my new puppy a very structured and fun approach as he learns. Since the day Sheldon, Julie and I met, I've seen great results on how he behaves and interacts with people and other dogs. If you're looking for results, look no further. Julie can really provide insight and guide you to a better relationship with your dog
Neil P.
Julie is the best! We thought we were getting a very social happy dog and within a few weeks we realized that the rescue was probably not being as truthful about his past. We were now dealing with a very hyper and fearful dog with herding tendencies. After reaching out to a few trainers we were referred to Julie for her day training program. Julie listened to the issues and discussed different approaches that could help the dog. We started the training, which also includes homework for the humans too, and we saw results very quickly. Julie is easily reachable when we have an issue come up and need advice to get us to our next training. We've been doing training now for about a month and our dog is slowly becoming a well-behaved, confident dog. We were going on a week long trip and we were stressed out about boarding a fearful dog. Julie offers boarding or board and train and we decided board and train would be the best investment for our dogs training. We were provided updates and videos and within the first day back we noticed results! We are so excited to see how much more Julie's training will bring. We're also going to start agility with Julie soon!
Nathaly F.
Julie is fantastic! She has been helping us train our new puppy, Gabby, and I can't believe how much all of us -- both human and canine -- have learned from her! She has an effective technique to address every issue that Gabby has presented. And, she makes it all so fun! She's so good at both demonstrating what to do and explaining her reasons that my husband and I have become much better at addressing issues we found challenging before we met Julie. I highly recommend Julie to anyone looking for a dog trainer. I can't imagine there is anything you want to tackle with your dog that would be beyond Julie's experience and expertise!
Bobbie F.
Julie is fantastic. My dog Riley lost her sister a year ago and they had been together for 9 years and were very close. I work long hours and wasn't ready to get another dog so I opted to find a daycare for Riley so she could have other dogs to play with and company throughout the day. She's been going to Julie's for nearly a year now and i have to say, finding Julie was the answer to my prayers. Julie is super reliable and Riley absolutely loves her! She gets attention throughout the day and even goes on group dog walks! Because it's a more personal environment I also feel that it's more similar to what Riley was used to previously and I prefer that. Finally, Julie is 100% reliable. If she's going to take time off,, which doesn't happen often, she gives you weeks of notice and options to accommodate. Riley is my baby and even has health issues that require special food and monitoring so I am very careful about who takes care of her. I highly recommend Julie !!! And Riley will be an awesome friend for your pup if you decide to enroll with her day care!
Jennifer E.
Julie is fantastic. My dog Riley lost her sister a year ago and they had been together for 9 years and were very close. I work long hours and wasn't ready to get another dog so I opted to find a daycare for Riley so she could have other dogs to play with and company throughout the day. She's been going to Julie's for nearly a year now and i have to say, finding Julie was the answer to my prayers. Julie is super reliable and Riley absolutely loves her! She gets attention throughout the day and even goes on group dog walks! Because it's a more personal environment I also feel that it's more similar to what Riley was used to previously and I prefer that. Finally, Julie is 100% reliable. If she's going to take time off,, which doesn't happen often, she gives you weeks of notice and options to accommodate. Riley is my baby and even has health issues that require special food and monitoring so I am very careful about who takes care of her. I highly recommend Julie !!! And Riley will be an awesome friend for your pup if you decide to enroll with her day care!
Jennifer E.
Julie is amazing!! So patient and kind and she did such a great job with our 8 month old Shelby. We brought Shelby, lab/spaniel mix, to Julie for a 2 week board and care. Shelby needed special attention and care being re-socialized with other dogs and Julie did a great job. I highly recommend Julie for anyone needing help with their dog's training program or for day care.
Matt C.
Julie is such a natural with little pups.  She is friendly and trains the owner while training the dog.  So far she has done all the heavy lifting in training our new puppy, introducing the concept to him first then teaching me how to reinforce.  I can tell Julie loves her work and she is a joy to work with.  Way under priced in my opinion.
Zachary B.
I am the dazed and confused owner of a ten-month-old Portuguese Water Dog named, Jemma. She speaks fluent Portuguese and understands French, Italian and Spanish. However, she has a serious challenge with the English language. Even the meaning of simple words like, "down," "sit," and "off," elude her. I was nearly ready to give up because myself, family, and friends have not been able to cross the communication barrier. Then my Vet shared a letter with me from another client who owns Jemma's sibling. They were experiencing the same resistance to doggy commands and proper etiquette. They spoke highly of local Newport Beach trainer, Julie Brady, of Pawsitive Foundation Dog Training. I called her shortly afterward and threw myself at her mercy. Julie interviewed us and was willing to work with Jemma. She did not have an opening for three weeks, but got me started with some training tips that started to take effect quickly. Jemma joined Julie in her home for three weeks of training. What can I say? She had a lot to learn! Although I would have loved the dog of my dreams to return to my loving arms, I received the news that although quite intelligent, Jemma is quite stubborn; and the training was going to be a commitment of everyday follow through and periodic follow-ups with Julie. Jemma is grasping an understanding of sit, stay, off, down, place and look at me. This little story is moving towards a happy ending, and may be the answer for other pet owners in the same situation. Julie has solutions if you are willing to commit and work earnestly to develop a mutual relationship of satisfaction for both owner and dog! I highly recommend her.
Beth S.
When we got Maggie, a very energetic Springer Spaniel puppy, I knew I needed one on one training. A friend of mine recommended Julie. I immediately signed on for 4 private lessons. After the first lesson, I knew I made the right choice. Julie was easy to talk to and she took time to make sure we knew how to repeat what she was training. Maggie wanted to learn and she was always eager for her lessons. Walking her was the hardest hurdle we faced. She pulled me constantly and I like to walk everyday. Julie worked with her and me and trained both of us. I now walk around the island with her and everyone comments on how good she is! Maggie goes to day-training one day a week and Julie picks her up,drops her off and sends you updates during the day. She'll work on whatever you need and send you a video showing how you can enforce what she's teaching. I think the one thing I really love is that she answers any questions I have promptly. It's nice to have someone to talk to when your dog is driving you crazy! I'm so glad that she is in my and Maggie's life! Maggie is seven months old now and still has a lot to learn but we are getting there thanks to Julie!
Rose G.
We worked with Julie with her Walk Doctor program. We have 2 labs that liked to pull on the leash and also became very excited if encountered other dogs while on leash. After our first session I was able to implement the techniques Julie taught us and noticed a remarkable difference ! The 2nd session we worked more on being calm when encountering other dogs and around distractions and feel those will be effective as well! I feel a big sense of relief knowing we can be out walking and enjoying the walks and not being pulled in all directions! Julie really seems to understand dog behaviors and gentle ways to correct them! Very thankful for her Walk Doctor program!
Jenae A.
We could not have chosen a better dog trainer than Julie. Since day 1 she has shown nothing but professionalism with us and our puppy Rascal. Not to mention, SHE GIVES YOU RESULTS!!! within the first month of training, Julie got Rascal to sit, lay down, AND go to place!! We take him to our family's houses with other dogs and they are all absolutely amazed at how incredibly well behaved he is. Even when we go out to walk him around, people stop and ask us our secret on how we got him so well behaved. We just tell them to give Julie a call and she will do whatever it takes to get your dog to where you want them to be. Best part is SHES AFFORDABLE!!!! but in our opinion, you cannot put a price on a well behaved dog. Overall, Julie is a tremendous trainer and we recommend her to anybody and everybody we come across.
Jared Storb
Julie has been working with my bulldogs who are being trained for Therapy dogs. Before Julie my dogs were all over the place. Before I had her when people come over they jump all over them now when people come over they just greet them without jumping. She did place, leave it, door crashing etc. She truly knows her stuff. She's so sweet and any pup that gets Julie is very lucky. She's very patient and kind and she loves all the animals she works with. She just has a big heart and anyone is lucky to have her. She has taught me so much. We all love Julie.
Caroline C.
We had Julie home board and train our 3 year old yellow lab for two weeks. Before the training, Monty had some pretty bad habits including pulling at his leash during his walks, counter surfing, and barking at motorcycles and skateboards. She really worked hard with our dog and it shows. He now walks by our side without pulling, ignores the motorcycles and skateboards, and stays on his place despite having food on the counter. She spent two hours with us to reinforce the his training and basically train us to be better masters. We were very pleased and would highly recommend Julie as a trainer.
Darel B.
We chose Julie because she offers an In Home New Dog or Adopted Dog Training. We have a dog that has been with us for three years and we were ready to get a second dog. Julie came over the third day with our new dog. She walked us through the training session to help us give the new dog proper introductions and how to proceed moving forward. The training and information she left with us proved very valuable. I did not know how much structure was necessary. Julie showed me how to recognize when more structure was needed. The result has been a happy, relaxed new dog. Without her, I would not have known what to look for in my dogs behavior. And I would not have known what to do to help my dog. Currently, we have purchased the Walk Doctor to correct leash aggressive behavior in the dog that we have had for three years. I highly recommend Pawsitive Foundation Dog Training.
Windy H.
Julie worked with my chocolate Labrador who is enormously hyper.She has gotten Pasha and I to gain trust in one another. Taking her for a walk used to be frustrating. Now we enjoy our time together and going on walks is fun . Thanks Julie for getting this done in a short amount of time.
Sheila F.
Julie has been awesome to work with! She is always on time, professional and so good with dogs! Our dog absolutely loves her and her training skill set has been great for him! I would recommend her to anyone looking for in house dog training...her price is right and you can really tell she takes her time and cares. Thank you Julie for all you have done for us!
Brooke C.
I rescued a lab mix who has some severe anxiety around other dogs especially. Julie has been working with him and after only a few sessions we are already seeing him change dramatically. Before, we would not dare walk him outside for fear of seeing other dogs and now we are actually able to take him out for walks. I can't wait to see how well he's doing after a few more sessions!
Danielle D.
Julie is the absolute sweetest!! We have three dogs who are mixed breeds of Chihuahua and not sure what else lol. One of our dogs is so sketchy with strangers and Julie was able to have her taking treats from Julie and not barking at her ( never usually happens) gave us tons of tricks and tips that work!! This is my favorite thing about Julie she loves dogs as much as me!! She also has a mixed Chi chi like we do!! Thank you Julie!!
Ellisha L.

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