We offer overnight boarding in a real home. This in an all-inclusive experience. There are no additional charges for daycare or walks. Instead of your dog sitting in a dog run all day and night, your pup will be playing with other dogs, hanging out around the house, going for walks at the park, and lounging in the living room watching movies at night with us.

We provide a safe, happy environment for our boarding dogs. They will be in a play group especially chosen for them with dogs based on size, play style, and energy level. Its ok if your dog is not social, they will still get tons of one on one attention. We take our boarding dogs for walks at local trails, beach paths, and parks.

Safety is our number one concern and all precautions are taken to ensure your dogs safety. We want you to feel comfortable and not have to worry about how your dog is doing while you are away. Photo and video updates are sent during your dogs stay with us.


1-3 nights           $85.00/ a night

4-6 nights           $75.00/ a night

7-13 nights         $60.00/ a night

14+ nights          $55.00/ a night

Our daycare is much different than a traditional or large daycare facility. Our daycare program is staffed with employees that have been professionally trained by us to read canine body language and to understand dog psychology. Our employees understand how to advocate for puppies, senior dogs, or shy dogs. We also understand how to calm down an overly aroused dogs that could possibly cause problems in the yard. Many dogs start to experience behavior issues if they are in a group with larger or higher energy dogs that are overwhelming them.

This is where we are different. We are a small daycare in a real home. We group dogs according to size, play style, and energy level. Instead of your dog entering an area with 30 to 40 dogs with no real introduction, we do one on one introductions with each dog on their first day. This way we can evaluate your dog and place them into the correct play group so that all of the dogs have the best experience possible. We want our dogs to feel happy and safe while in our care.

If you send your dog to a regular day care, try sending your pup to us for a more structured and relaxing experience. Doggy daycare is a great way to channel your dogs excess energy. If you are seeing your dog coming home tired but his manners or behavior starting to get worse, odds are your dog could use more structure and less arousal. This is especially true with puppies, and young dogs.

We start puppies off on the right foot and offer socialization done the right way. Your puppy will learn how to play nicely, not bully the other dogs, and to have manners, even while playing.

Available Monday through Friday-Weekends by appointment only

Daycare includes

  • Play time
  • Rest time
  • Socialization with dogs of the same size, energy, or play style
  • Walks can be added for an additional fee


Full Day Daycare

Anything over 4 hours – Available Monday through Friday-Weekends by appointment only

  • 1 Day- $50.00
  • 5 Day pass- Total of $200.00      $40 a day
  • 10 Day pass- Total of $380.00    $38 a day
  • 20 day pass- Total of $700.00    $35 a day

Half Day Daycare

Up to 4 hours – Available Monday through Friday-Weekends by appointment only

  • 1 Day- $30.00
  • 5 day pass- Total of $130.00       $26 a day
  • 10 day pass- Total of $240.00     $24 a day
  • 20 day pass- Total of $440.00     $22 a day

Free drop off/pick up if within 3 miles-any farther $5.00 pick up/drop off

15% off second dog / 50% off third dog

Passes expire 90 days after purchase

Day Training is available for full day or half day sessions. The day is segmented for teaching and promoting relaxation, structure, and training sessions throughout the day. This is a great addition to any training program that can also be used as maintenance after a board and train program. You will receive videos of your dogs training sessions and notes on any issues or progress we experience.

If your dog is social and can be in a group of dogs. your dog will be matched for play with the appropriate group of dogs with similar play style, temperament and energy level. Even if your dogs is not social, we can help!

We will work on any issues you are having including pulling on leash, learning basic obedience, reactivity, etc… This program is meant to help produce a calm, balanced and happy dog. Your dog will come home tired from using his brain instead of running wild all day. This program is a great alternative if the board and train program is not an option.

Day Training includes:

  • Work on 2 commands a day, adding generalization and proofing to each command
  • Socialization with dogs of the same size, energy, or play style
  • Socialization training- either in group play or a field trip


Half Day Pricing- Anything under 4 hours

1 Day pass-    $80.00

5 Day pass-    $70 a day- Total of $350.00

10 Day pass-  $60 a day- Total of $600.00

20 day pass-  $50 a day- Total of $1000.00

Work on 2 commands a day adding generalization and proofing to each command

Socialization with dogs of the same size, energy, or play style

Socialization training- either in group play or a field trip

Training, structure, walk, play, and rest in a safe and fulfilling environment

Full day Pricing-Anything over 4 hours

1 Day pass-     $120.00

5 Day pass-     $100 a day- Total of  $500.00

10 Day pass –  $90 a day-Total of     $900.00

20 Day pass-   $80 a day- Total of    $1600.00

Work on 2 commands a day adding generalization and proofing to each command

Play time with dogs of the same size, energy, or play style

Socialization training- either in group play or a field trip

Training, structure, walk, play, and rest in a safe and fulfilling environment

This in home private session is a 60 to 90 minute consultation in your home where the trainer can get a thorough history on your dog, assess your unique situation, teach you how to add structure and leadership to your home and come up with management options until training begins. We will do some foundational training in the consultation and I will leave you with homework to work on during the week until we meet again.

This session is mainly to meet you and your family, to observe the dog is in the home, to address any questions you may have, and to come up with solutions to your most pressing problems. There is quite a bit of talking in this session but we will also start training right away and help you decide which of our many packages will be the most beneficial for you and your dog to get you headed in the right direction.

In-Home Price:  $150

Phone/Zoom Consultation- Completely Free

Does your dog drag you on leash? Does he lose his mind at the sight of his leash and push past you to run outside to the get the walk started?  Does your dog get distracted on walks and rarely, if ever, check in with you? This is a very common problem with all dogs regardless of age or size. The walk doctor program consists of two 60 minute lessons conducted at your home.

The first lesson we will work on your dog staying calm while being leashed and waiting politely at the door, as well as exiting the front door with control and a calm mind. We will also practice leash basics in the home or backyard with no distractions. The second lesson we will get right to the walk and show you how to guide your dog through an enjoyable walking experience for both of you.

This program consists of two hour long lessons with you and your dog.

***This program is most beneficial for young dogs that have never had leash training and dogs that pull on leash. For reactivity (excitement or aggression on leash) we suggest the package of 4 private in home sessions.***

Price: $250

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) a title offered by AKC and is generally where dog owners start who would like to move onto Therapy work, Service Dog, or Companion Dog training. CGC is a 10 item test designed to show that your dog is well behaved in public.

Dog owners who wish to complete this test will have either taken a group class or enrolled in a private training program with any trainer or by the owner to prepare before taking the test.

The price of the CGC test is $45.00 and includes a picture and an AKC CGC Ribbon. Dog owners send in paperwork and $10.00 to receive their title certificate. This testing fee includes one practice test.

Price: $45

Pawsitive Foundation Dog Training provides private training sessions in the comfort of your own home. In home lessons provide you with personalized attention and enable us to help you more effectively with problems you may be having in your home and on walks. In home sessions are ideal for teaching basic obedience, house manners, leash walking and changing unwanted behaviors. One on one time with a trainer is much more effective than a group class environment for accelerated learning and for individualized behavior modification. If you are having problems with potty training, chewing, destructive behavior, excessive barking, or just want your dog to learn all the basics like sit, down, stay, place and leash walking, this is the perfect training program for you!.

Many people who enroll in group training classes find that their dog is not absorbing the training and the reason for this is because group classes are really meant for adding distraction to your commands. In a class environment, Group classes can be very distracting, especially for puppies and young dogs. It is much more beneficial to teach your dog commands in a low distraction environment first, then move onto group classes to add the distraction your dog is sure to encounter in the real world.

This package qualifies you for Half or Full day Day Training as well. We will practice all of the commands we learn in the private lessons and add the repetition and proofing needed to make commands rock solid. You will continue to train your dog at home and we will add more practice and proofing if you decide to enroll in this program.

Price: $550

Follow up lessons are for anyone who feels that they or their dog needs more work after a board and train program or a 4 session in home private training package and can be purchased one at a time.

Follow up lessons are meant to be added after finishing a previous program. If you have done training with another trainer, we can add follow up lessons after a consultation.

***If you are enrolled in the Day Training program, all lessons are offered at this discounted price***

Price: $100.00 (available after completing Private Training, Board and Train, or Day Training)

All Board and Train programs include a free phone or Zoom consultation

At Pawsitive Foundation we offer a Board and Train program in our own home. This enables us to teach house manners in a home rather than in a facility where training might not translate easily to your home. We provide more one on one time with our trainers. Since your dog lives with the trainer and receives training around the clock, we are much more effective with all aspects of basic obedience, house manners, and potty training.

In home Board and Train programs are especially helpful for high energy or nervous, shy dogs that may not thrive in a kennel or boarding facility which are often extremely noisy, full of unbalanced barking and reactive dogs which can be an upsetting environment for a sensitive or rambunctious pup. Dogs have a harder time learning in a stressful state. We concentrate on creating a calm and balanced dog. Your dog will be in a relaxing home with calming music for dogs and essential oils in diffusers helping to make your dog comfortable and ready to learn.

We offer programs from 1 to 4 weeks:

Our 1 week program is great as a jump start for basic obedience. One week is not enough time to add in distractions or duration but is a great way to get started. We will get through starting all basic obedience. This program includes a pick-up lesson only. It is highly suggested to supplement this program with private in-home sessions. Basic obedience covered:

  • Come
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Place
  • Leash walking

One Week Program:  $1050

Our 2 week program is meant for more intense basic obedience training and behavior modification. We are able to work in some duration and distraction work to proof and generalize the commands your dog learns. This means leash walking at parks and public places and teaching your dog to comply in almost any type of environment. This program is suggested for basic obedience, jumping, mouthing, house manners, potty training, This program includes a pick up lesson and one private in home training session to transfer the training to you and your home.

Two Week Program:  $1850

Our 3 week program is meant for basic obedience with a higher level of proofing commands through field trips and training in public places and for major behavior modification such as leash reactivity (sometimes called leash aggression) major fear issues, resource guarding, and other issues that take time to work through. This program is suggested for leash reactivity, resource guarding, and other issues that take more time to work through. This program includes a pick-up lesson and two private in home sessions to transfer the training to you and your home.

Three Week Program:  $2250

Our 4 week program is meant for basic obedience with major distraction work and proofing of commands. We will spent a lot of time in public areas making sure your obedience and behavior modification training is really put to the test. This program is suggested for Leash reactivity (sometimes called leash aggression) or behavioral issues in the home. This program also works well for people that want their dog socialized and trained in basic obedience and manners with lots of time to proof all the commands or want more private training included. This program includes a pic- up lesson and 3 private in home sessions.

Four Week Program:  $2650


Your dog must be crate trained prior to enrollment in our Board and Train program. We can provide help on crate training before your program starts.

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